This Hijab Will Make You More Fashionable During WFH

fashion, Women / 8 May, 2020

This Hijab Will Make You More Fashionable During WFH

Present process Ramadan in the midst of a corona virus pandemic, you need to stay home. Moment of Ramadan which is constantly filled with a collection of invites to break the fast together or bukber, now can not be done. Because the community should stay away from the crowd and acquire to break the chain of the spread of the corona virus.

But in Ramadan this time, the friendship can still be intertwined with the number of breaking the fast together which is done Almost. By relying on the internet to make you, Relations, and acquaintances can still break the fast together but still in their respective homes.

Despite the fact that breaking the fast is done from home, of course you shouldn’t look ordinary. To get rid of boredom, you can try to dress up as if you were going to attend an iftar event with real people. To inspire your appearance, consider a few simple hijab tutorials that you can use to attend iftar together with virtual.

Traditional Hijab

Conventional hijab is a favored of many hijabers. Because the way to use it is very easy and does not require a long time to arrange. You only need a hijab rectangular and a protection pin. Decide on the hijab according to your style, it can be plain or with a motive.

Fold the hijab into a triangle. Then put it on the head accompanied by becoming a member of it under the chin and tighten with a pin. Take the remaining two sides, then cross bring it to the back of the head. Tie each sides tightly around your neck. Finally trim the folds at the front.

Hijab with ribbon accents

If you want a bit of glamor but are not complicated when setting it up, you can use ribbon accents on the hijab. The method is very easy, use a hijab sq. and clay into triangles. Put it on the head with one side longer than the other.

Take the long side then wrap the back neck and bring it back to the Entrance. Tie the long and short understand it and make a ribbon. A ribbon accent will be considered on one side of your shoulder which offers a female impression.

Hijab with layer accents

For those of you who don’t want to look too flashy, you can try the hijab style with a layer accent. Use a sq. hijab that is folded into a triangle, then tighten it with a pin certainly not the chin. Take one part, bring it to the side near the ear, then give the pin. This way your hijab will look layered on the entrance