The Barbers Are Now Charming and Economical Smiles

Beautify / 1 May, 2020

The Barbers Are Now Charming and Economical Smiles

The Barbers Are Now Charming and Economical Smiles – ANTIQUE some young people are intertwined almost every day until night on the barber’s yard of the Supratman Line, Bandung City, right on the side of Harry Roesli’s Tone House. After waiting for an opportunity for up to half an hour, a young woman welcomed them, invited her to lean while friendly mesem.

Not only having an attractive face, the female employees there also appear to be acting like a person in the form of a young pool. Who would have thought they were actually a barber at a place called Rock N Roll.

“What kind of shape do you want?” he asked a short question after a client leaned on his barber. After assuming a second, the young man also responded. ” It depends on Teteh, which means don’t be very short in part, “he said as if he was convinced of the expertise and passion of the barber.

The industrial-style barber’s room serves a lot of male clients in terms of another barbershop concept. That place is also not a kind of beauty salon. There only serves hair shaving, although in its progress began to welcome discussion of fashion styles and make-up.

“Men want to look attractive in front of women, it’s only natural that we sometimes ask women for hair style questions and others,” said Ridho (21), a student of one of the major private academies in the city of Bandung when asked why he sort out shaved in place that. He has partially shaved his hair in that place.

The capster’s hands are so deft using hair scissors, shaving machines, and combs to arrange the customer’s hair. He was also quite communicative to Adam’s clients who he was grateful for by asking him to think about various matters, ranging from the tone to the modern fashion at the time.

The shaver’s performance is believed to increase client confidence. Not confused if the owner of the barbershop often displays pictures of captains on his barbershop legitimate social tools. Moreover, the hours of activities of each capster are also spoken so that clients can arrive there according to the hours of their favorite shaving activities.

Miss N Tia’s Rock N Roll Advertency Marketing confirmed, since it opened in 2004, the 3 barbershop owners planned to use female capster services. The reason is not to attract the attention of clients, some of whom are young adam.

“Supposing the hair shaver is a lover. If it is suitable for one person, he will then be shaved there. The important service is always shaving, but the shaver is also required to be attractive so that the guys like to come here, “said Tia. Until this time, that particular characteristic was also maintained in its place.

Because it is placed and promoted with more innovative methods, Tia justifies the profession of shaving her hair when she looks more beautiful and prestigious. ” Many residents have thought that the shaver was a kind of designer or artist. “The shaving results are now made in a kind of art,” he said.

After working for more than a decade, one by one began to emerge barber shops in Bandung and its surroundings, all of its young female capsters. One of them is Haircuts Pedepokan located in Mustafa PHH Lane, Bandung City. The owner of all the captains there, Istiwani in fact had served for more than 3 years at Rock N Roll.

Not confused, the interior design of the room until the shaving procedures applied are relatively close. Not only does each employ a female barber and services that are not much different, the place also raises beautiful shavers on social tools such as Twitter and Instagram.

The short-haired woman ensures that the barber profession in Bandung at this time is very potential. Moreover, it is not uncommon that there are workers who shave some of the other shaving places that are competitors.