Most Fabulous Haircut Of This Year

Hairstyle, Man / 4 May, 2020

Most Fabulous Haircut Of This Year

Men’s hairstyles are not as much as women’s hairstyles, but now men’s hairstyles are already diverse. Men need to think about which hairstyle is suitable for application. Starting in terms of the shape of the face to the characteristics so the benchmarks ensure a suitable hair style for men There are several recommendations for men’s haircuts that you can follow so as not to mistakenly apply a haircut that matches the shape of the face and head.

Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut hairstyle has been the belle of men in the last few decades undercut pieces become iconic men’s hairstyles every year. Undercut hairstyles are chosen by men because they are simple, simple, fresh and instant. So many men choose, especially peacocks who do not want to be complicated to do hair every day.

Slicked back undercut

Undercut men’s hair style that will make you look smooth because a lot of hair will be combed towards the back. After that, hair gel will be given so that it looks sleek, more manly, and masculine. This undercut hairstyle looks classic and cool. In addition to combing backwards in a straight direction, you can also comb backwards towards the right, or left.

Disconnect undercut

If you already have a man’s hairstyle like this does not mean you can leave it alone. You have to be able to arrange it well in order to get maximum attractive results. Although there are some styles that are difficult to make and cannot be applied to daily activities because it will take a long time, disconnect undercut is also a type of undercut discount model that is not easy, so those who do it must be really reliable.

Comb over undercut

Comb over is a way to comb hair up a long time ago so it becomes the most contemporary hair style. This hairstyle combines the combing line style with the horizontal style and combines it with the undercut at the bottom. There will be a side contrast between the most volume hair at the top and the shorter side. Similar to Pompadour style, comb your hair up in a variety of styles. Use pomade so that the upper hair stays in place. You can also style this hair style with gradation techniques. From the neck the hair is made the thinnest. The more it rises the thicker and longer. But on the side the hair is made to fade. Then the front hair is combed up and ends at the back.

Layered undercut

This layered undercut hairstyle will give layered cuts. Automatic will make the hair look more volume. You can ask the kapster to choose how big the layer will be created. Noteworthy because men’s hair is easy to long so at least within four weeks to come to the place of hair scissors. The aim is to straighten the hair so as not to damage it because it is too long. It can also come if you feel your hair is too long. It’s time-consuming, but this type of hair style needs extra care.