Minister of Industry is Optimistic about Indonesian

fashion / 8 May, 2020

Minister of Industry is Optimistic about Indonesian

Minister of Industry is Optimistic about Indonesian Muslim Fashion SMEs Increasingly Global

Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang, is optimistic that the Indonesian Muslim fashion industry can be ranked one of the centers of world Muslim fashion. This was achieved with one of his campaigns, Buy Local Muslim Fashion Products #LebaranForAll.

It was seen from the condition of the corona virus outbreak that attacks globally. Therefore he is optimistic that now is the right time for m

“Muslim Fashion IKM Campaign entitled Lebaran for all can help Muslim Fashion IKM can promote its products, can have a positive impact on national Muslim Fashion IKM and equally must prepare themselves to become the center of Muslim fashion in the world, this is good momentum towards that,” said Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang in the launching of the Muslim Fashion Campaign #LebaranForAll, Friday (05/08/2020).

He said according to the State of the Global Islamic Economy Report in 2019 – 2020 reported that consumption of Muslim fashion in the world reached USD 283 billion. This continues to increase with a projected average growth rate of 6 percent.

That Muslims in the world have become one of the drivers of the growth of the Muslim fashion industry. So that in 2024 consumption of world Muslim fashion is projected to be valued at USD 402 billion.

While Indonesia’s consumption alone is still around USD 21 billion, this certainly shows that there is still a very large market opportunity in the global and domestic domestic markets in Indonesia which must be filled by the Muslim fashion industry in Indonesia.

Seeing all the advantages and potentials in Indonesia, Minister Agus stressed that businesses need to have breakthroughs and innovations for consumers both at home and abroad.

“Covid-19 will more or less change people’s behavior including consumer behavior,” he said.

Uninterrupted Corona
According to him, with the changing patterns of life that utilize technology and digital, coupled with the corona virus outbreak, he considered that even though the activity turned to being at home or working from home (WFH) did not interfere at all from his work, it was even more efficient in carrying out tasks.

“There will definitely be changes in behavior both for us and consumers. A new normality will be formed and will certainly pay attention to us to always maintain health, at the same time we must keep the economic sector moving, “he said.

Of course it is very important because the economic sector has relations and impacts for other sectors, although later when the vaccine has been found it must maintain two sides between maintaining health and moving the economy.