How To Set Undercut Hair So Easily

Hairstyle, Man / 5 May, 2020

How To Set Undercut Hair So Easily

It turns out that the undercut hairstyle will still be popular in 2020. It is proven that the thin haircut at the bottom and thick at the top is still in demand by many men in Indonesia.

This time we will invite you to get acquainted with one of the most popular hair styles. Check out our explanation of this man’s haircut and various hairstyles that you can match with him.

The undercut haircut is the easiest haircut to be styling. There are tons of hairstyles that you can create for yourself, from messy hair styles to even curly styles.

This time, we made a tutorial on how to style the right undercut haircut to attend a formal event. All you need is a tight-toothed comb and hair gel.

One of the hair gels that you can try is AX Slick Back Shine Gel which is not sticky when used. The end result is shiny, so it can give a vintage wet look effect

Undercut Hairstyles for Men.
The characteristic of this short hairstyle is the side and back of the hair is made shorter with varying lengths. Uniquely, this neat hair style can be varied with middle split, slicked back, comb over, or even pompadour hairstyles. That is why, this man’s short haircut is more accurately referred to as an accent.

1. Comb Hair Backwards.
Comb your hair to the back using a tight-toothed comb or tail end comb. But before that, make sure your undercut hair is in perfect clean and dry condition. Choose a shampoo that is able to cleanse the scalp to the maximum, such as CLEAR MEN Complete Soft Care Shampoo. The scalp is guaranteed to be healthy and not dry.

2. Use Hair Gel.
Take the AX Slick Back Shine Gel to taste and apply it evenly to both palms. Apply to all hair evenly using fingers. There must be no area to be missed, yes!

3. Comb Hair.
After applying the gel to the hair evenly, take a hair comb and comb it neatly toward the back. It’s important to create a sleek effect on your undercut haircut.

4.Styling Hair Using Fingers.
Styling the bangs area as you wish. You can style your undercut haircut with a classic slick back style, Korean-style comma hair, or easy-to-make side hair.

5. Final Results.
Voila! Now your hair looks sleek and shiny. These undercut hairstyle variations are suitable for attending formal events or parties.

Now that’s the easy way to style your undercut hair using hair gel. It’s easy, right?

Although AX Slick Back Shine Gel is relatively easy to clean, don’t forget to keep your scalp clean, yes. You must wash it thoroughly to avoid limp and dandruff. Good luck!