6 Ways to Change a Man Appearance to Be Cool

Man / 15 October, 2019

6 Ways to Change a Man Appearance to Be Cool

6 Ways to Change a Man Appearance to Be Cool

6 Ways to Change a Man Appearance to Be Cool Not only women who want to look attractive. Men also want to have an attractive appearance that can be a way to be confident for them to give a good impression to others. Attractive appearance is very useful to form a positive impression about ourselves if we have to leave the house, work, get along and others that involve meeting people.

Men also want attractive looks to make them stand out in a woman’s approach to efforts. If a man wants to find a way to seduce a beautiful woman or a way to attract a new woman, the first thing the woman will judge is his appearance. Women usually will not be interested if the men who approach them appear to not know how to look good.

The Process of Changing Men’s Appearance

Not many men know how to change their appearance properly. That is why, every man should be able to know how to look attractive. It will not only affect their personal lives, but also determine their impression of themselves at work and relationships. If a man doesn’t know how to change a man’s appearance to make himself look attractive they should learn about how to do the following to change his appearance:

1. Commit to making changes

Before making any changes, of course there must be a commitment and a strong intention from within a man to make changes in his appearance. A strong commitment and intention is needed to prevent doubts and cancellations of intentions in the middle of the road, which will thwart efforts to change appearance. You must be prepared to abandon all old habits that do not support and replace them with habits that support the new appearance. Your new appearance will become a surefire way to increase self-confidence.

2. Decide what you want to change

Stand in front of a mirror, and see all aspects of your physical appearance. Decide which part of the appearance you want to change. Are the eyes, clothes, hairstyle, and others. See whether you need to change your body shape by losing excess weight, going on a diet or exercising to be healthier as an ideal body shape.

3. Pay attention to the contents of your wardrobe

Changing appearance means that inevitably you have to change your fashion style. To create a different impression than usual, your fashion style must also change. Take a look inside your wardrobe. Sort all types of clothing that will no longer be used, and donate to people in need if they are still suitable for use. Then, determine what type of clothing will be needed for the new appearance later.

4. Determine your new appearance style

If you want to use a new style for how to attract the attention of women, especially for how to approach women who are not known, determine what style you want first. Expand knowledge about men’s clothing styles from various sources, such as magazines and the internet. Look for the latest style that best suits your personality, don’t force yourself to follow a style that doesn’t match at all. If necessary, ask for advice from friends, girlfriend or family.

5. Start to keep yourself clean

Changing appearance is not only about clothing, but also related to your body. It will be useless to wear clothes that are trendy and up to date if we do not pay attention to personal hygiene. One way to be a woman’s ideal man is to be a man who cares about personal hygiene. There are several steps that you must take in relation to personal hygiene, namely:

Brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day, also make a visit to the dentist to fix dental problems such as plaque, cavities, and so on.
Diligently shave the hair on your face. To look neat and clean, a good looking man’s face must be clean of mustache hair or beard that doesn’t look neat. At a minimum, just trim the shape if you don’t want to shave clean.
Regular nail clippers if the nails seem to have begun to get long and dirty, also often wash your hands so that the nails are always clean.
Make sure the clothes used are clean from stains or dirt. Change clothes every day at least twice a day, and use tops such as T-shirts or shirts for no more than one day.
6. Take care of your own face

Not only women, men also need to pay attention to the care of his own face. Facial care is also needed as part of how to change the appearance of men. The first step can be started by diligently cleaning your face using a suitable cleanser. Know your skin type first to find an appropriate facial cleanser. If you have skin problems like acne that are difficult to eradicate, don’t hesitate to go to a dermatologist. Waj